Sandra Kupfernagel, Dr.

former PhD student, completed PhD in 2011

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2013  An immunolabelling technique to track sperm from different mates in the female reproductive organs of terrestrial gastropods — Kupfernagel S, Beier K, Janssen R, Rusterholz H-P, Baur A & Baur B — Malacologia 56: 253–266

2011  Partial precopulatory isolation between two geographically distant populations of the land snail Arianta arbustorum (L.) — Kupfernagel S & Baur B — Journal of Molluscan Studies 77: 87–94

2011  Determinants of female and male reproductive success in a simultaneous hermaphrodite land snail — Minoretti N, Schmera D, Kupfernagel S, Zschokke S, Armbruster GFJ, Beese K, Baur A & Baur B — Animal Behaviour 82: 707–715

2011  Sperm utilization in subadult and adult simultaneous hermaphrodite snails mating in the wild — Kupfernagel S & Baur B — Canadian Journal of Zoology 89: 1041–1049

2010  Variation in multiple paternity and sperm utilization patterns in natural populations of a simultaneous hermaphrodite land snail — Kupfernagel S, Rusterholz H-P & Baur B — Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 99: 350–361


Sandra Kupfernagel