Research projects of the former Section of Conservation Biology

Human-environment interactions

Urban ecology

Biodiversity in urban private gardens

Invasive species: Impact on biodiversity and ecosystem functions

Ecological restoration

Dispersal and gene flow between isolated populations

Water Channels - The traditional irrigation culture using water channels as model for sustainable water management: Effects on local biodiversity (NFP 61)

Effects of habitat fragmentation on populations and genetic variability

Habitat alterations: A threat to biodiversity

Effects of recreational activites on the biodiversity in suburban natural areas

Human impacts on relic plants and animals on limestone cliffs in the northwestern Swiss Jura Mountains

Interactions among animals and plants

Herbivore-lichen interactions

Millipedes respond to climate change in the Swiss National Park: a comparison between 1919 and 2019

Diversity of subterranean invertebrates in block glaciers and glacier forelands affected by climate change

Spatial pattern and dynamics of experimental plant communities

Spatially-explicit, individual-based plant competition model

Neighborhood analysis in a species rich tropical forest

Ecological impact of spider predation

Butterfly - plant interactions

Pollination and reproductive biology of native carnations

Ant diversity in South Africa

Biology of rare species

Genetical effects in small populations

Phylogeography and taxonomy of European vipers

Conservation of the swiss populations of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis)

Behavioural ecology

Sexual selection, sperm competition and reproductive strategies in simultaneous hermaphrodites

Behavioural ecology studies at Basel Zoo

Structure, building and evolution of spider webs