Behavioural ecology studies at Basel Zoo

Bruno Baur

An understanding of the ways in which animals sense and react to their environment is of crucial importance to the preservation of viable populations in altered habitats. Studies on the behavioural ecology of animals can provide significant contributions to their conservation. In collaboration with the scientific staff we examine various aspects of the behavioural ecology in animals kept at Basel Zoo.

Keywords: zoological garden - behavioural enrichment - stress - captivity - habitat quality

Selected publications

Schweizer S, Stoll P, von Houwald F & Baur B (2016) — King penguins in zoos: relating breeding success to husbandry practices — Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 4: 91–98

Baur B (2011) — Basel Zoo and its native biodiversity between the enclosures: a new strategy of cooperation with academic institutions — International Zoo Yearbook 45: 48–54

Sulser CE, Steck BL & Baur B (2008) — Effects of construction noise on behaviour of and exhibit use by Snow leopoards Uncia uncia at Basel zoo — International Zoo Yearbook 42: 199–205

Steck B, Müller A, von Houwald F & Baur B (2006) — Einfluss von behavioural-enrichment-Objekten auf das stereotypische Verhalten bei Okapis (Okapi johnstoni) im Basler Zoo — Der Zoologische Garten (N.F.) 76: 178–191


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