Habitat alterations: A threat to biodiversity

Bruno Baur , Andreas Erhardt, Armin Coray, Laszlo Rakosy (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Cristina Cremene (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Anatoli Shyleiko (Moscow, Russia)

Natural habitats are increasingly changed by human activities. In several case studies we examine possible causes for the local extinction of plant, butterfly, grasshopper, beetle and gastropod species. It has been suggested that climatic shifts brought on by global warming may lead to habitat changes and possible extinction of species. However, climatic warming may also occur on a local scale, for example as a result of thermal radiation emitted from urban areas. Compared with vegetation areas, buildings store more heat and evaporate less water which leads to increased air and surface temperatures. In this way built-up areas act as thermal islands influencing the climate of the surrounding landscape. Urban development during this century might increasingly affect adjacent natural habitats. Fine-scaled climatic changes, in turn, can have a major impact on the distribution and abundance of plant and animal species living in these areas.
In other studies we examine the effect of altered land use practice on the local biodiversity.

Keywords: habitat quality - population size - abiotic factors - land use - extinction

Selected publications

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